RNG Test Suites

Statistical randomness tests are used to determine the power and quality of the concept of randomness, which is a probabilistic feature. Since only one property can be checked using a statistical test, test suites that examine different features are constructed. In each test, deviations from situations usually obtained with true randomness are examined. Various test suites have been established to test the effective and safe usability of pseudo and real random numbers, which are frequently needed in cryptographic protocols and some applications. Test suites are formed according to specific rules that carefully consider the tested array in many ways. These suites also allow testing the usability of the resulting randomness as the output of an RNG, regardless of usage constraints in IoT devices and applications. Running test suites, as they contain many components, creates upper limits in processing power and runtime. Therefore, the generation time of a random number is very small compared to the testing time. In this context, test suites commonly used in cryptographic mechanisms and applications are given as follows:

Kübra Seyhan, Sedat Akleylek